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Deitchle + Simone understands that the breakdown of a marriage, no matter how amicable, is a difficult time and that each situation is different. We’re happy to help you negotiate a settlement and avoid a traditional, adversarial, divorce in a courtroom. If that’s not possible, we’re prepared to litigate and help you obtain a just result.

At Deitchle + Simone, we handle a full-range of family law matters from common law marriages, to divorce, to child custody, to paternity/parentage disputes, to child support, to modifications, and enforcement. We practice predominantly in Travis County.

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We talk with our clients about their goals and various options in family and divorce cases. Our first goal is to collaborate and resolve things without courtroom battles, if possible, where amicable resolution is best for you or your children. Based in Austin, our family law attorneys practice primarily in Travis County, Texas. For more information, contact Deitchle + Simone.


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Child Custody

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Child Support

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