Child Custody (Suit Affecting Parent-Child Relationship)

Child custody in Texas is known as “conservatorship.” There is an expectation in Texas that both parents remained involved in a child’s life following a divorce. Parents are given titles that designate their rights, duties, and possession of the child after the divorce. It is presumed that both parents will be “Joint Managing Conservators” and both will play a role in the child’s life. However, one parent may have the right to designate the child’s residence and one parent may have visitation rights but also have to pay child support. If you are divorcing and have minor children, child custody issues must be addressed in the divorce.

How is custody determined in Texas?

There are several factors that are considered when deciding who of the two parents will live with the child after divorce. The best interests of the child are always paramount.

Factors a Texas court will consider when determining custody are:

  • The child’s safety, health and welfare
  • The child’s relationship with each parent
  • The parental history of each parent
  • The wishes of a child who is at least 12 years old

We understand that child custody issues can be highly emotional and we have the necessary experience and empathy to guide you through this process.

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