Poppy & Peppa

Poppy, Office Manager and Commander of the Porch’s Watch

When not training as a high jumper for the Cat Olympics, Poppy makes sure that our desks aren’t cluttered, that we promptly remove contents from boxes for her inspection, and that we don’t forget when it’s lunch time. Poppy also keeps strict watch of those who may seek to infiltrate our perimeter, especially lizards, squirrels, and birds. We’re pretty sure that she got the job because her twin sister, Peppa, is the firm’s Partner Emeritus.

Peppa, Partner Emeritus

Our “Peppy” mostly pops in to make sure that we’re at our desks and busy working to keep her in the lifestyle to which she’s become accustomed. The conversations aren’t particularly deep and always end with a head pat. After making her rounds, she’ll usually pick one office in which to engage in more thorough work monitoring, usually while “resting her eyes.”