We don’t publish our fee schedule or billing rates because every client/matter is unique to our clients and to us. We won’t compete on fees or rate-match to earn your business. Our business model isn’t based on volume, it’s based on relationships. We’re choosy about our clients and think clients should be equally choosy about their lawyers.

Our billing arrangements depend of the circumstances of the engagement. Our services are priced competitively for attorneys with our levels of experience, know-how, and record of achieving outstanding results. We’re not married to the billable hour. In fact, we believe alternative fee arrangements often result in a win-win for clients and our firm: we’re compensated for our expertise and efficiency, while clients appreciate the accountability and predictable legal bills. Of course, there are some matters where hourly billing or a hybrid-fee makes sense, like litigation or legal consulting services.

Flat Fee Services

Fixed fee arrangements often work best for clients that want predictable billing for limited, well-defined legal projects. We won’t require retainers or charge hourly rates – clients just pay “a la carte” for the limited services we provide at a fair fixed price.

Representative Flat Fee Matters

Family Law

  • Uncontested divorces


  • Family-based immigration petitions
  • Naturalization petitions
  • Green card (permanent residency) renewals

Business Transactions

  • Contract drafting
  • Contract and document review
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Website privacy policies and terms
  • Employment & Contractor agreements
  • Non-compete agreements
  • LLC operating agreements

Intellectual Property

  • Intellectual property audits
  • Intellectual property (copyright, trademark, patent) assignments
  • Copyright registration
  • Trademark clearance and registration

Business Dispute Resolution, Litigation, and Appeals

  • Cease & desist letters and responses
  • Appellate briefs (excluding argument)
  • Brief editing

Hourly Services & Hybrid Fees

We charge hourly rates for litigation, appellate arguments, consultation services, and other services that exceed the scope of a typical flat fee engagement. In certain circumstances, we may litigate matters under a hybrid fee arrangement where we charge a reduced hourly rate fee coupled with a smaller contingency rate on our recovery. We do not litigate disputes on a pure contingency basis.

We require evergreen retainers for matters subject to an hourly or hybrid fee arrangement. This means that client must always maintain a specified minimum balance in our client trust account that must be replenished as we bill against it (as supported and indicated by our regular billing statements). We will promptly return any balance in the trust account at the conclusion of the engagement.

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