Business Transactions & Consulting

Deitchle + Simone attorneys are strategic advisors who help clients navigate challenging legal and regulatory environments involving commercial transactions, business operations, intellectual property use and acquisitions, and employment-related matters. We always keep an eye on litigation and business risks, especially protecting trade secrets, data privacy, and intellectual property rights. Whether clients need to close, modify, or exit/terminate a business relationship, we can help.

Fixed, flat fees are available for many contract-related matters. Other billing arrangements vary depending on the engagement.

We're especially skilled at handling these types of transactions:

Commercial contracts

Marketing agreements

Employment agreements

Consulting agreements

Partner agreements

Distributorship agreements

Manufacturing agreements

Intellectual property assignments and transfers

Trademark consent agreements

Intellectual property licenses

Content agreements

Publishing agreements

Music and sync licenses

Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs)

Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs)

Non-competition agreements

Master Service agreements (MSAs)

Technology development agreements

Software and End-User licenses

Reseller Agreements and Distribution Agreements

SaaS, PaaS, and cloud-computing agreements

Liability waivers

Personal appearance agreements

Sponsorship and Exhibition agreements

Endorsement agreements

Agreements for artists and creatives

To consult with us about how our experience can benefit your business, contact Deitchle + Simone.