Pet Custody

What happens with our pets when going through a divorce?

Animal lovers will understand that pets are considered part of the family. As such, going through a divorce and deciding who gets to keep the pets can be a highly emotional decision.

In Texas, pets are considered property in divorce cases, and the court will typically treat them as such. However, it is not uncommon for pet custody to be a contentious issue in a divorce, and there are a few factors that the court may consider when making a decision about who gets to keep the pet.

First, the court may look at who purchased or adopted the pet and who has been primarily responsible for its care. This can include feeding, grooming, taking it to the vet, and other activities related to the pet's well-being.

Second, the court may consider the living arrangements of each spouse after the divorce. If one spouse will have a more suitable living environment for the pet, such as a home with a yard or access to a nearby park, the court may award custody to that spouse.

Finally, the court may consider the emotional attachment each spouse has to the pet. While this can be difficult to quantify, the court may take into account any evidence of emotional distress or other factors that suggest that the pet is more important to one spouse than the other.

It's important to note that there is no specific law in Texas regarding pet custody, and the court's decision will ultimately depend on the unique circumstances of each case.

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