How to Exchange a Child with Protective or Restraining Order

Options for exchanging a child when there are safety concerns.

When there is a protective or restraining order in place, exchanging a child during custody or visitation exchanges can be a challenge. In Texas, there are a few options for how to handle exchanges in this situation:

  1. Use a Neutral Location: If possible, arrange to meet at a neutral location, such as a police station or a public place, where both parties can safely exchange the child. This can help ensure that there is no direct contact between the parties and can provide a level of security.

  2. Use a Third Party: Another option is to have a neutral third party, such as a family member or friend, act as an intermediary to facilitate the exchange. This person can pick up the child from one parent and then deliver them to the other parent.

  3. Use a Professional Exchange Service: There are also professional exchange services available that can facilitate custody exchanges in a safe and secure manner. These services can provide a neutral location for the exchange and can have trained staff on hand to ensure that the exchange goes smoothly.

It is important to follow the terms of the restraining order and any court orders related to custody and visitation exchanges. If there are any concerns about safety or violations of the restraining order, it is important to contact the authorities or seek legal advice immediately.

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